Gold Coast Backyard Transformations

Concrete pathways are the most trouble free solution you will have for making an otherwise muddy, dusty or uneven surface easily accessible. Unlike pavers that can move to create trip hazards or encourage weed growth if not installed or maintained correctly, or gravel that keeps needing maintenance, concrete pathways are a hard wearing and very customisable solution.

Concrete Pathway Benefits

Concrete Pathways have many benefits including:

  • Poured concrete slabs are easy to install, cheap, and commonly used.
  • With modern techniques, concrete can be stamped to look just like pavers – sometimes you can’t even tell the difference!
  • Variety of colour, pattern, and texture options.
  • Lower cost per metre – up to 15 percent cheaper than pavers in some areas.
  • Less maintenance, as weeds won’t grow between a concrete slabs

Clean and simple

Look at the path in your yard. Are the pavers past their prime or even cracked? Or is that unsightly dirt track you’ve gradually worn in the grass your main thoroughfare? If you’re nodding, wondering how to fix it, well, the solution is simple. Lay a concrete path that’s solid, long-lasting and low maintenance. Not only that, it is a very quick process – we just excavate, pour and screed, and you can be walking on it within a few days.


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