Gold Coast Concrete Pool Surrounds

The swimming pool gets a lot of action in the summer months on the Gold Coast, and anything that gets a lot of use needs to be tough. Nothing is tougher than a concrete pool surround.

Unlike decking that needs continuous re-coating each year to protect it, or pavers that can start to move over time and get weeds growing between them, a solid concrete surround is almost maintenance free. Why do you think so many public pools use concrete??

GD ConceretWorx are experts in concrete pool surrounds on the Gold Coast, so get in touch to see what options are available for you pool surround.

Concrete pool surrounds

If you have a swimming pool or have decided to get one, there’s little doubt it will be the focal point of your yard. The look of what’s around your pool, and how well that area functions as a seamless transition to the rest of your home, is as important as the pool itself.

An ideal choice for your all-important pool surrounds is concrete. Today, decorative concrete production is versatile in design and composition; leaps and bounds ahead of the 50 shades of grey of yesteryear. It can be shaped into stylish curves or the regimental straight lines of premium tile work. The top layer of the concrete may have a brushed-through, or a stamped pattern effect, or can be even further honed to give the appeal of a premium polished floor.

Using exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate is simply ideal for pool surrounds. Removal of the top cover delivers an attractive skid resistant surface that gives a glimpse of the natural stones underneath. There’s a vast range of colours and different compositions of crushed granite, earthy mixes of pebbles and sands – all to complement the sparkling blue water and style of your poolside landscape.

Concrete excels when compared to other pool surround materials; it’s a comparably low cost material, is easy to maintain, has good thermal properties, slip-resistant and offers a multitude of customisation options.

Please let us know if you would like to see any of our completed pool surround photos to see the quality of our work as we have excellent examples all over the Gold Coast.

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