Gold Coast Concrete Shed Slabs

When building any kind of steel shed – be it a garage, workshop, garden shed, storage shed, equine shed or commercial shed, then the strongest and most durable flooring is the trusty concrete slab.

When it comes to laying a concrete slab for your shed, it’s important to get it right. A dodgy shed floor can cause corrosion to the shed itself, or worse, crack and fail with time.

Make sure you have the plans!

While many shed manufacturers may claim their sheds are a certain size, some shed companies use “nominal” sizing – which is another word for approximate sizing.

For instance a national chain might refer to one of their sheds as a 9m x 6m shed, but when you get out the tape measure, the actual size is just over 8.4 metres by 5.9 metres. So you wouldn’t want to lay a 9m x 6m concrete slab and then find out that it was the wrong size, even worse if the slab was too small!

With the plans in hand, we can get the exact correct dimensions for your new shed, so we can talk directly with your shed supplier if you require.

Of course, if you plan to build a custom shed yourself, then just let us know what size you require and we’ll do the rest.

Advantages of a well laid slab

Building a slab for your shed is all about preparing properly, and having competent people doing the work. You’ll find your shed will be completely transformed by having the perfect concrete floor, but you need to follow the appropriate steps to achieve outstanding results. A perfectly laid shed slab with correct expansion cuts will limit any visible cracking and enhance your entire shed. GD ConcreteWorx can also arrange floor coatings to add that special touch.

Please let us know if you would like to see any of our completed shed photos to see the quality of our work as we have excellent shed slabs all over the Gold Coast.

Decorative Shed Slab Finishes

An array of coatings can be added to your shed slab once cured. For example, Flake Flooring Systems’ self-level properties means that transforming your perfect concrete into a masterpiece could not be faster or more cost effective.

When applied the flake bridges all small cracks giving you a seamless floor which is easy to clean and maintain. It is also good for keeping up with OH&S compliance issues in commercial sheds.

There is a large range of colours available to meet your decor requirements and all of the epoxy floors can be easily cleaned with mild detergents and are extremely stain resistant.

Slip reducing additives can also be applied in the top coat to help prevent unnecessary slip and falls.

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